Submitting Assignments from Android Phones & Tablets

Open Google Classroom

Open Google Classroom by selecting the icon on the home screen or app launcher.

Click The Menu Button

Click the Menu Icon (three horizontal lines)

Select To-Do

Select To-Do to see all of the assignments assigned to you that currently require action.

Select the Assignment

Tap on the assignment that you wish to upload work for.

Swipe Up on the Your Work Area

Either click or swipe up on the arrow above "your" work to open the submission screen.

Press Add Attachment

Press the add attachment button under the Your Work section of the screen.

Select "Take Photo"

Select "Take Photo" to open the camera and upload the image directly to Google Classroom. If you have already taken a photo then select "File" instead and select the correct image.

Take your Photo

Take your photo using the camera that pops up. If you need to retake the photo you can press the "Retry" button at this point to retake it.

Check and Hand in.

You will now see the photo that you took has been attached in the Your Work screen. Check that this has been uploaded and then press the "Hand In" button to submit the assignment.