Submitting an Assignment from iPhone & iPad

Open the Classroom App

Open Google Classroom by tapping on the icon on your home screen.

Open the Menu

Open the Meu using the button at the top left (two horizonal lines).

Select To-Do

Select To-Do to see all your outstanding assignments and their due dates.

Select the Assignment

Tap on the Assignment that you want to upload work for.

Swipe up on the Your Work Section

Swipe up or tap on the arrow in the "Your Work" section to see your previous submissions or submit new work.

Click "Add Attachment"

Select "Add Attachment" to add your file.

Select "Use Camera"

Select "Use Camera" to take a photo and upload it directly to Google Classroom. If you have already taken then photo then you can click "Pick Photo" here rather than use camera.

Take Your Photo

Take your photo with the camera. If you are happy with it then press "Use Photo". To re-take the photo simply select "Retake"

The Image Will Upload

Depending on the size of the image and the speed of the internet connection you may see the image uploading to Google Classroom, just wait until this completes.

Check and Hand In

You can now see that the photo has been attached to the "Your Work" section so check that this is seen here. Once you are happy press hand in.